Trick o' Beef
When we think of Halloween night, one of the first things that pop into our minds is, of course, candy. One major highlight of childhood is when you get home from Trick o’ Treating and dump your stash on the floor to evaluate the treasures of this year’s haul. As a kid, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with loads of candy, but as a parent, you may be wondering where you can hide the goods before your kid gets their next sweet tooth. 
Candy is the ultimate Halloween tradition, and we don’t foresee that changing anytime soon; it’s sweet, it’s delectable, and it’s the focal point of Halloween. We know that Halloween wouldn’t be the same without it, but we think there can be a healthy balance between sugar and all the other vitamins that kids should be getting over the holiday. Yes, candy is delicious, but it does have its downsides; it contributes to tooth decay, childhood obesity, and we can’t forget to mention the short term sugar rush that follows a handful of candy. 
We’re not here to suck all the fun out of Halloween; we’re just here to suggest an equally fun treat to even out the candy consumption; Real Snacks. Not only are Real Snacks a great source of iron, but they’re also tasty, and they fit perfectly in any Trick o’ Treat bag or bucket. They can also make for an excellent pre-Trick o’ Treat snack; you can add those last touches of face paint and still have time to fit in a quick, nutritious snack. If you’re into some food art, which we have no problem with, the texture and shape could make for some fun spider legs, broomsticks; the possibilities are endless.
Whether you’re handing out treats or just looking for a snack to counteract an eminent sugar high, Real has four different flavors that are equally yummy and healthier than a piece of candy. With Halloween just around the corner, be prepared with healthy treats, stay spooky, and stay safe. 

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