Not Just Any Beef Snack – We’re Real!
We call ourselves Real Snacks because we’re proud that we don’t have to call ourselves fake. Beef and spices are the only ingredients, not just the main ingredients. We will gladly say that we’re not like other jerky brands, and we’re going to take that one classification further to argue that we’re not even like the other snacks; we’re Real! 
Sometimes it’s the little things that count. That logic extends into why snacking is often the highlight of a busy day where you have zero time to prepare a meal. We can use that same logic to describe how snacking often contributes to consuming many harmful artificial ingredients. While they can be irresistible, the most common snack foods are loaded with saturated fats, fructose, carbs, and other elements that absorb the energy you did have and make you feel well, like the poop emoji. 
These are the reasons why jerky has been the common solution to the snacking conundrum. Jerky is a flavor-filled, protein-dense snack that’s both convenient and delectable. You can’t go into many grocery stores or gas stations without seeing a shelf near the cash register that’s crowded with red and yellow jerky packaging. Jerky is an easy snack to grab and eat on the road, on a walk, anywhere! While this magical snack is a better option than a bag of chips, it can have some downsides like fillers, chemicals, and artificial ingredients. The downsides are where Real beef snacks come in.
Yes, we’re convenient. Yes, our flavors are bold. Yes, we’re a mean source of protein. But we aren’t just jerky; from the modern branding to the beef stick, we believe we’re one-of-a-kind. We’re not just jerky because we use 100% Angus Beef, an easily absorbed high-quality protein. We’re not just jerky because we’re Kosher, meaning our ingredients stand up to the highest standards. We’re not just jerky because we only use ingredients that one could recognize in their pantry. 
In an endless sea of snacking choices, how could you not get lost when trying to pick the right one. We totally get it, that’s why we’ve streamlined all of the best qualities of both jerky and snacking into one beef stick: no fillers, no chemicals, and no stress. 

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