No Beef with eCommerce!
Let's take a second to reminisce on the 90s, whether or not you were there; your mind will probably conjure early Internet nostalgia. You might think of dial tones, talking paper clips in the corner of your browser, and maybe even that little online bookstore, Amazon. Today, we are no longer greeted by dial tones or graced with Clippy, but we certainly still have Amazon, and thousands of other online marketplaces, including yours truly. In the US alone, ecommerce accounts for 10% of retail sales, and there are several reasons these numbers are only projected to grow.
When was the last time you went to your local jerky shop? Probably never because niche-focused brick n' mortars are generally hard to come by, but here you are now, and not only are you in our shop, you're in the back corner reading the blog (ya nerd). Ecommerce has enabled small businesses like us to open our doors and share our products with the entire web browsing world. 
Without a physical space, we're able to reduce the cost per transaction and maintain our top tier ingredients without increasing the price of our beef sticks. Lower costs also allow us to aim our focus towards you, beloved customer, and blog reader. Tools like Google Analytics, live chat features, and reviews enable us to really listen to our customers and provide immediate feedback. Although we can't see you in person, we want to do everything we can to make your experience smooth and memorable before ever indulging in one of our beef snacks.
Yes, we are your beef snack provider, but we're also human. We know how unexpectedly busy a day can become and what it's like to miss that window of time where you were supposed to go to the store. The convenience of online shopping has made us quickly forget the time before when we had to scramble to get that one shirt for that one event over the weekend. And once you got to the store, it was closed, or worse; they didn't have your size..  Ecommerce has provided us not only with convenience but customization, instead of digging through merchandise you can find your size, flavor, color, etc. in just a few clicks, viola! 
When you visit our shop, you may not hear a warm hello, but we're still waving at you (just check that little bubble in the right-hand corner). We always make sure we're providing you the best experience possible anytime and anywhere. This is our shop, yes, but whenever you visit, it's your shop too.

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