Four Real Flavors!
My guess is that you’re here because you love beef snacks. Welcome to the Real gang. If you don’t love beef snacks, you haven’t found the one, and that’s okay, you have good tastes because well, you’re here. We like to think that we also have good tastes. We honor our all-natural, Kosher ingredients and tinker with components like mad scientists until we get the flavors behind all four of our beef snacks short of perfect.
Each of our beef snack varieties have an irresistible flavor, and we’ve worked tirelessly to get them that way. We’ve also made sure that each variety brings a unique quality to the table – or hiking trail, or desk, wherever you’re getting your fix. Perhaps you’re enlightened and you’ve tried all four of our flavors, if so, you might have a favorite, that’s only natural. We’ve tried all four too, countless times, and we could never chose a favorite. Our goal with this article is to explore the individual flavors and the qualities that make them so damn special. 
The Original 
Flavor profile:
Salty, rich, aromatic
We don't deem something an OG for no reason. We studied the flavors that have paved the way for jerky to become a universally beloved snack and infused it into The Original. Kosher beef, sea salt, celery, onion & garlic powder contribute to a savory base. Ingredients like coriander, ginger, and red pepper accentuates the savoriness by imparting an aromatic quality. You're always going back for seconds because of the distribution of rich flavor experienced from the moment you take your first bite to the delicious aftertaste. The Original proves that we don't make the rules; we perfect them.
Hot & Spicy 
Flavor profile:
Fresh, sharp, spicy 
Everybody loves a rebel, so we needed to include Hot & Spicy in our collection. We didn't want to make anyone pace around their kitchen filled with regret, turning over the fridge for a drop of milk. We took the flavors from The Original and gave them more edge by adding 'lots of red pepper' – direct quote from our ingredients list. This decision gives Hot & Spicy a nice kick rather than a swift kick in the 'you know what.' The aftertaste is refreshing, not unbearable, reminding us that rebels don't need a cause, but that doesn't mean they can't be calculated. 
Garlic & Herb
Flavor profile:
Bold, pungent, bright 
Pretty sure if you prodded the Garlic & Herb with battery cables you could power a light bulb, but we recommend that you just eat it. This variety is a lively blend of ingredients that could serve as your afternoon pick-me-up. When coming up with Garlic & Herb, we tried various combinations before landing on paprika and fennel, exclaiming, “it’s alive!” We can’t promise that Garlic & Herb will turn your Monday into a Friday, but it will come close.
Jalapeño & Cranberry 
Flavor Profile:
Tart, juicy, dynamic 
We would never call the Jalapeño & Cranberry two-faced, but we won’t deny that it has two sides. After some trial and error, we discovered the jalapeño’s bright elements, coupled with the cranberry’s zesty qualities, created a dynamic flavor fusion. It was clear that jalapeño and cranberry were made for each other, and instead of insisting that they ‘get a room’, we brought them together into a beef stick. Jalapeño & Cranberry’s love is palpable, and you’ll feel it in the air the moment you peel back the packaging.
We feel like John Hughes, introducing our Breakfast Club of flavor varieties – and I’m sure you can picture who would be who. We’re thrilled to share each one with you and excited over how you’ll vibe with them. Maybe you’re like us, and they’re all your favorite. Maybe not, but whether it’s one or all, you’re still a member of the Real gang, baby!

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